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Types of V-Belts

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Types of V-Belts Empty Types of V-Belts

Post  landoo Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:13 pm

Rubber V-belts have a v-shaped profile and hence the name. There are many variations of the v-belt. Most of the V-belts are either standard or inverted. A rubber V-belt is a continuous band for transferring power or conveying materials from one shaft or wheel to another and these belts have several benefits compared to the other drive systems. They provide an additional amount of stretch which is not the case with other belts. The belts are able to work smoothly and quietly, without the requirement of lubrication. This is an important feature of rubber V- belts.

Types of V-Belts as following:

Raw Edged V-Belts: They are used when there is the chance of constant slippage of the other V-belts.
Narrow V-Belts: They have a narrower pitch width when they are compared to the other types of V-belts.
Ribbed V-Belts: These belts consist of two or more V-like formations which are placed next to one another and the cross sectional picture looks rather like a multiple W-Belt.
Classic V-Belts: It is a single V shaped belt without any ribs or raw edges.
Rubber V-belts are suitable for a wide range of applications,such as agricultural industry ,automotive industry ,Industrial Application and so on .They have the capability of accommodating a wide range of horse power speeds and outputs which exist in the industrial drive systems.


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