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The variable speed belts

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The variable speed belts Empty The variable speed belts

Post  landoo Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:51 am

Variable speed drives demand a unique combination of belt features. Because variable speed belts are wide in proportion to their thickness, they must have extreme crosswise rigidity, or else the belt would dish in, throw the tensile cords out of alignment and affect speed control.

Depending on application and/or area of application, the variable speed belts may be provided with an additional multi-layer transverse corded fabric in the base compound.
1. Extremely high power transmission
2. High flexibility
3. Better internal heat dissipation
4. Smooth running for high belt speeds
5. Long service life
Due to the demands of increased performance and service life are met. This belt is characterised by space-saving drive solutions, optimal control behaviour, reduction of running temperature and a wide range of applications.


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