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The characteristics of gear speed reducer

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The characteristics of gear speed reducer Empty The characteristics of gear speed reducer

Post  landoo Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:59 am

Gear speed reducer is a combination of Gear motor and large-scale reducer. Without coupling and adapter, compact structure. Load distribution in planetary gear, and carrying capacity is higher than generally inclined gear reducer. Meet the little space high torque output needs. Widely be used in large mining, steel, chemical, port, environmental protection, etc.

The characteristics of gear speed reducercan be described as

1 reliable industrial use gear transmission components,

2 reliable structures and multiple input combinations to fit particular operation requirements;

3 high transfer power ability and compact structure, gear structure according to the module design principle determine,

4 easy to use and maintenance

5 torque range from 360,000 Nm to 1,200,000 Nm.


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