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Buying Tips of V-Belts

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Buying Tips of V-Belts Empty Buying Tips of V-Belts

Post  landoo Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:54 pm

Rubber V-belts have a v-shaped profile and hence the name. There are many variations of the v-belt. Most of the V-belts are either standard or inverted. So we would like to list some buying tips of V-Belts, here they are.
Tensile Strength: To withstand maximum load or stress without any damage and it is measured as the ratio of maximum load to the cross sectional area of the belt.
Operating Speed: This is the maximum working speed of the rubber V-belt.
Operating Temperature: The temperature range at which the belt is designed to operate properly without any damaged.
Material of Construction: This is to select the type of rubber required to produce the belts.
Length: The cross sectional length of the top flat portion of the V-belt.
Width: It is the overall width of the V-belt. The effective width should be considered while selecting the belt for a specific drive mechanism.
Due to Rubber V-belts are available in different sizes and types and are suitable for a wide range of applications. We have to know more about them. And they have the capability of accommodating a wide range of horse power speeds and outputs which exist in the industrial drive systems.


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