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The types of lap joint

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The types of lap joint Empty The types of lap joint

Post  sophia11 Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:31 am

When it comes to a lap joint, a lap joint is one of the many joints used to join two pieces of wood together. With a lap joint, this is done by overlapping the wood and fastening them together.

There are two categories of lap joint in existence— the full and the half—and both of these are used in a slightly different way. The full lap joint is contrasted from the half-lap in the amount of material that is used to make the joints. Half lap joints are when half of the thickness from each piece is removed, they can be made by hand with a saw and chisel, on a table saw or radial arm saw with a dado blade, or with a router and a straight bit. They are must be cut exactly centered so the surfaces line up.


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