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right angle bevel gear reducer

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right angle bevel gear reducer Empty right angle bevel gear reducer

Post  haoshi Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:51 am

Straight Bevel Gear: tooth tooth length direction of a straight line, and its extension lines cross in the sub-cone peak contraction teeth; available gear-shaping machine, round La Fajia work, but also precision forging, normally used in low speed light load conditions , is also available for low speed overload;
Gear reducer is a reducer gear motors and large-scale integration. Without coupling and adapter, compact structure. Load distribution in planetary gears, thus carrying capacity than the high helical gear reducer. High torque output to meet small space requirements.
Widely used in large scale mining, steel, chemical, port and environmental protection. And K, R series can be combined to get more speed ratio.
1, reliable gear transmission components for industrial use;
2, reliable structure combined with a variety of input use to adapt to specific requirements;
3 high-power transmission capacity and compact, the gear structure established under the modular design principle;
4, easy to use and maintain, according to technology and engineering case configuration and choose materials;
5, torque range from 36,0000 Nm to 1,200,000 Nm.
this is right angle bevel gear reducer


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