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Angle Check Valve

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Angle Check Valve Empty Angle Check Valve

Post  landoo Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:16 pm

Angle check valve opening and closing parts are plug-shaped valve, seal leaving it flat or cone, the valve along the centerline of the fluid in a straight line. Stem form of exercise, there is lift rod (stem down, the hand wheel does not lift), but also lift rotating rod (hand wheel rotates together with the stem down, the nut located in the body). Bellows globe valve is only applicable to fully open and fully closed, does not allow for scaling and throttling.
Thermal cut-off valve is forced closed valve, so the valve is closed, the valve must exert pressure to force the sealing surface does not leak. When the medium into the valve from the valve bottom six o'clock, the operation force required to overcome the resistance of the stem and packing friction force generated by the pressure of the medium thrust power than the valve off the valve opening force, so that the valve larger diameter of the rod, otherwise it will happen bend the stem top failure. From the emergence of a self-sealing valve, globe valve is replaced by medium flow valve on the top into the valve chamber, then in the medium under pressure, off valve is small, while the force to open the valve, the valve stem diameter can be appropriate reduced. Meanwhile, under the action of the medium, this form of valve is also more tightly. China's valve "three to" has been specified, the flow valve, all top-down.
Angle check valve is open, the valve opening height for the nominal diameter of 25% to 30%, the flow has reached the maximum, which means that the valve has reached the fully open position. So shutoff valve fully open position, valve stroke should be determined. According to the type of gas valve stem threads position divided external thread, internal thread. According to the flow of media points, there are straight, DC type and angle type. Press the seal in the form of cut-off valve, globe valve with packing seals and bellows seal globe valve. Angle check valve installation and maintenance of hand wheel, lever operated bellows globe valve can be installed in any position in the pipeline.
Hand wheels, handles and Wai mechanism, does not allow for lifting. The flow of media to be consistent with the body direction of the arrow shown. High pressure valve, also called cut-off door, is the most widely used as a valve, which reason popularity is due to the opening and closing process of the friction between the seal faces is small, more durable, less opening height, easy to manufacture easy maintenance, not only for low-voltage, and suitable for high pressure. Its closure principle is to rely on the valve bar pressure allows the valve seat sealing surface sealing surface and fit closely to prevent medium flow. Valve medium heat only allowed one-way flow, install directional. Its structure is greater than the length of the valve, and fluid resistance, long-term operation, the sealing reliability is not strong. Angle check valve is divided into three categories: straight-through, angled ramp and DC-type valve.


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