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Detail of Worm Gear Reducer

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Detail of Worm Gear Reducer Empty Detail of Worm Gear Reducer

Post  sophia11 Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:52 am

Worm Gear Reducer is a kind of compact structure, transmission ratio, and under certain conditions, the drive has a mechanical self-locking function is one of the most commonly used gear.

Worm gear reducer input end of the installation of a helical gear reducer, consisting of multi-gear available to very low output speeds are helical worm gear level and class combination, than that of pure single-stage worm gearbox with a higher efficiency. And small vibration, low noise, low energy consumption. In short, hollow shaft worm reducer easy installation, reasonable structure, reliable and durable.

Worm Gear Reducer has been widely used in various types of machinery and equipment production technology industry reducer device, praised by users. Worm Gear Reducer is the realization of modern industrial equipment, high-torque, large ratio of low noise, high stability and mechanical gear transmission control unit the best choice.


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