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Linear Bearing

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Linear Bearing Empty Linear Bearing

Post  landoo Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:26 am

Metal linear bearings is a low-cost production of linear motion systems for unlimited travel with cylindrical shaft used in conjunction. Carrying the ball with the axis of the point contact, the load is small. Rotating the ball with a minimum frictional resistance, thereby to obtain smooth movement of the precision. Plastic linear bearings linear motion system of a self-lubricating characteristics, the biggest difference is metal rolling friction linear bearings, bearings and cylindrical axis is the point of contact between the bearing metal straight line, so this fit the low-load high-speed motion; while plastic linear bearings sliding friction between the bearings and cylindrical shaft surface contact, so this suitable for high load, low-speed movement.
Linear bearing is used in conjunction with the quenching straight-line drive shaft. For an infinite system of linear motion. The load ball and quenching drive shaft because it is the point of contact, the allowable load is small, but when the linear motion, the frictional resistance minimum, high precision, fast, motion.
Plastic linear bearings with the shaft are no special requirements, can withstand greater loads than metal bearings, but movement is sliding friction between the bearing and the shaft, the plastic linear bearing movement speed subject to certain restrictions; resistance to motion than metal straight line The bearings to be large; but its movement low noise than metal linear bearings, in particular in the case of a high speed, with the speed of impact of plastic linear bearing noise very small. Plastic plastic linear bearings due to its internal design, with flutes allow dust occasions, dust automatically in the course of the campaign from BTA slot belt friction surface of the bearing body; linear bearings also allow the use of the process cleaning, sliding inside the membrane made of special materials can even be long-term for a liquid run.
Inject corrosion oil, within the linear bearings with grease lubrication, use kerosene or organic solvent to remove anti-corrosion oil, dry and then add grease. (Recommended to use the the sticky flag as the N0.2 lithium soap grease.) If lubricated with oil, it is not necessary to remove anti-corrosion oil, lubricating oil of ISO viscosity grade VG15-100 can be selected according to the temperature change. Shaft lubrication from the oil supply line to no, or to the oil hole from the outside of the bearing housing. Oil lubrication hole NA with a ring bearing the seals will be scraped lubricants. Since the sliding film of the plastic inside the linear bearing is made of self-lubricating plastic, so that during use all without the additional oil supply and maintenance; packed dust and because plastic linear bearing with a flute, so even if the bearing or shaft no need to defend the the dust automatically in the course of the campaign to bring out from BTA slot; replace the internal slide film can be used directly only after the failure of the slide film wear; maintenance is very convenient.


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