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Bearing Maintenance

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Bearing Maintenance Empty Bearing Maintenance

Post  landoo Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:14 pm

Remove the bearing inspection, photography and other methods to do first with the appearance of records. In addition, to confirm the remaining amount of lubricant and lubricant samples, and then cleaning bearings. Bearing cleaning of rough wash and sperm washing and can be placed in the bottom of the container used metal grid. Coarse wash, brush, etc. used in the oil or grease removal adhesive material. At this point if rotating bearings in oil, attention and other damage due to foreign objects rolling surface. c, sperm washing, in the oil slowly rotating bearings should be carried out carefully. Commonly used cleaning agents for the neutral water diesel or kerosene, is sometimes necessary to use warm lye. Regardless of what kind of cleaning agent filter should always be kept clean. Cleaned immediately after anti-rust coating on the bearing grease oil or rust.
In order to determine whether the re-use of the removed bearing should focus on checking the accuracy of its size, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and with the surface, raceway, cage and ring. On the inspection results, may be used to bearing or bearings were judged proficient. Determine the mechanical properties and the criteria according to the degree of importance and checking cycles vary. If the following injury, the bearings must not be reused and must be replaced. Bearing parts breakage and defects. Rolling surface raceway material peeling.
Bearing wear is common in the course of bearing equipment problems, mainly caused by the characteristics of the metal bearings; the metal although high hardness, but the yield is poor ( after deformation can not be undone ), poor impact resistance, fatigue resistance is poor, it is easy to causing adhesive wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear, fretting wear. Most difficult to detect bearing wear, and only appeared machine heat, beating amplitude, abnormal noise, etc., the only cause notice, but to the people when they are found, most bearings are worn, causing machine downtime.
Bearings are precision parts and only a portion of the bearing damage in practical applications. Most of the bearing damage for many reasons-beyond the original estimate of the load, such as non-effective sealing, tight fit caused by too small bearing clearance and so on. Any one of these factors are factors that damage type has its unique and special damage will leave traces. Therefore, to view damaged shaft bearing, in most cases you can find its probable causes. Generally speaking, a third of the bearing damage due to fatigue damage, arising out of the other one-third of poor lubrication, other third contaminants into the bearing arising out of improper handling or installation. However, these types of damage are also related with the industrial sector. For example, the pulp and paper industry is mostly due to poor lubrication or bearing damage caused by pollution and not due to material fatigue.


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