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Rod End Bearing

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Rod End Bearing Empty Rod End Bearing

Post  landoo Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:59 pm

Rod end bearing is rod ends or mounted on the rod end bearing joints, it belongs to a class bearing joints.
Joint bearing is a spherical sliding bearing, the basic type is by having a spherical sliding spherical contact surface of the inner and outer ring. Bearing joints by an outer spherical surface of the inner ring, outer ring and an inner sphere, can withstand heavy loads. According to their different types and structures, can bear radial load, axial load or radial, axial joint load at the existing at the same time. Inlaid composite material in the inner ring of the outer ball surface of the bearing in the work can produce self-lubricating. Generally used for the lower speed of swinging motion, may also be in a certain range of angles for the tilting movement, when the support shaft and the shaft housing bore misalignment larger still work properly. Auxiliary Order of the self-lubricating joints used in water conservancy, specialized machinery and other industries. Spherical plain bearings, spherical sliding contact area, tilt angle, and also because most bearing joints take a special process method, surface phosphating, galvanized, chrome or outside the sliding surface lining inlay pad, such as spraying. Therefore have a larger load capacity and impact resistance and anti-corrosion, abrasion, self-aligning, lubricating or no characteristics of lubrication dirt pollution self-lubricating, even if the installation dislocation can also work. Therefore, spherical plain bearings are widely used to lower speed swing motion, tilting and rotational movement.
Spherical plain bearings and rod ends, a variety of designs and different sliding contact surface combinations. Each design and the combination has unique properties make it particularly suitable for some applications.
To determine the size of the bearing, must be considered a major factor is the load, the load bearing capacity and expected life to choose a bearing type. The same way the rod ends bearing.
Rod end bearing is for concentricity less demanding work surface pressure and supporting parts for slow swing and rotary motion.
The narrow sense of the rod end bearings, should be commonly referred to as fish-eye connector.
Fish eye connector according to the difference between inside and outside the wire connection: internal thread series SIG, external thread series SAG.
Same size inside and outside the wire inside diameter of the size of the fish-eye fish eye, for example, couplings M12 connectors, bearing diameter D12.
Spherical plain bearings are widely used in engineering hydraulic cylinder forming machine tools, construction machinery, automation equipment, automotive shock absorbers, hydraulic machinery and other industries.


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