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Bearing Lubrication

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Bearing Lubrication Empty Bearing Lubrication

Post  landoo Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:14 pm

The fatigue life of rolling bearing lubrication and friction, wear, temperature, vibration, etc. have a major impact, there is no normal lubrication, bearings will not work. Cause bearing damage analysis showed that about 40% of the bearing damage are related with poor lubrication. Therefore, the bearing well lubricated bearing is to reduce friction and wear of effective measures. In addition, the bearing lubrication and cooling, rust, sealing, ease the impact and other effects.
Grease is a base oil, thickener and lubricant additives. When selected, you should choose very suitable for the conditions of use of the fountain bearing grease, due trademarks differences in performance will also be very different, so the choice of the time, we must pay attention to. Bearing grease is commonly used calcium-based grease, sodium grease, calcium sodium based grease, lithium grease, aluminum grease and molybdenum disulfide grease and so on. Quantity of grease filled in the bearing, the bearing inner space to fill 1/2-1/3 as appropriate. Speed should be reduced to 1/ 3. Excessive grease so that the temperature rise.
Working temperature selection in accordance with grease, the main targets should drop point, oxidation stability and low temperature performance, drop point generally used to evaluate high temperature performance, bearing temperature should be lower than the actual drop point 10-20 ℃. The use of synthetic grease dropping point temperature should be below 20-30 ℃. According to the load bearing grease selection, to be elected on the heavy penetration of small grease. Except when working under pressure Penetration small, but also has high film strength and extreme pressure properties. Grease selected according to environmental conditions, the calcium-based grease easily soluble in water, less suitable for drying and moisture environment.
In the high-speed, high-temperature conditions, no longer suited to be used when grease lubrication oil lubrication. By circulating the oil, can take a lot of heat. Important characteristics of lubricating viscosity, the viscosity of the oil directly affects the size and mobility of the friction surface formed between the film thickness, the bearing operating temperature, viscosity of the oil is generally 12-15cst. The higher the speed should be selected lower viscosity, heavier loads higher viscosity should be selected. Lubricants commonly used mechanical oil, high-speed machine oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, transformer oil, cylinder oil.
In some particular conditions of use, the small amount of solid lubricant is added to the grease, such as adding 3 to 5% of molybdenum disulfide 1, reduce wear and improve the compression heat resistance, the temperature, refined, high vacuum, corrosion, anti-radiation, as well as a very low temperature, and other special conditions, the solid lubricant added to plastic or powder metallurgy materials, can be made with self- lubricating properties of the bearing parts, such as by adhesive bonding in the solid lubricant raceway, cage and rolling elements to form a lubricating film for reducing friction and wear have a certain effect.


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