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Motorcycle shaft

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Motorcycle shaft Empty Motorcycle shaft

Post  haoshi Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:25 am

Set up in east China Meixian the BPW (Meizhou) Axle Co., Ltd., had not been his headquarters as the main production base in Germany, just as the original assembly of the foundry. In 2004, the company with many years of efforts to finally take the critical step: to achieve localization axle(Including motorcycle shaft). By the global financial crisis, BPW's pattern began to quietly change the world - 100 more of its subsidiaries Meixian only company thriving in China, sales increased rather than decreased, Germany BPW Headquarters For this significant additional investment in Meixian. Meixian County, realized that this was "Meixian create" ushered in a rare development opportunity to lead the relevant departments to immediately take the initiative to head home, to encourage the BPW (Meizhou) Axle Co., taking advantage of the increased production, expanding global market share, it is also focus on helping the company make an application to the headquarters - in the east to establish a core of intellectual property rights of BPW axle parts global supply base.


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