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water Shaft

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water Shaft Empty water Shaft

Post  haoshi Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:47 am

As the core of the engine of a vehicle moving towards high-power, high-power direction, therefore, water pump bearing(Also known as water shaft) a higher performance requirements, such as higher heat resistance, greater load capacity and good sealing properties, etc. . CJH water pump bearing was developed in order to meet these needs a new type of structural bearings. It is essentially a simplified structure of the double bearing support system, not within the two supporting bearing rings, rolling body ceway done directly in the shaft, two bearing outer rings of bearings made of a whole, Rings sealed with the seal on oth sides to form the bearing assembly. In carrying capacity under the same conditions, the radial dimension less than he general types of bearings. As the rigidity, rotation, simple structure, assembly and disassembly, many Western developed ountries such as USA, Japan and Germany have adopted this structure bearings.


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