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Railway Fasteners Usher Opportunities

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Railway Fasteners Usher Opportunities Empty Railway Fasteners Usher Opportunities

Post  landoo Thu May 30, 2013 8:08 pm

It is reported that the Chinese State Council executive meeting to determine the "regional rail, intercity rail, resource development of railway ownership, the right to operate the first open to social capital" vein, intercity rail and feeder railway construction is expected to local initiative, which would be positive for intercity rail and feeder railway construction, and will drive the development of railway equipment manufacturing industry.
From last year the Ministry of Railways will gradually intercity rail investment initiative devolved to local governments around since the emergence of a large number of on intercity railway investment planning.
It is understood by the China Development and Reform Commission led the development of new urbanization development plan involving a total of more than 20 cities nationwide group of more than 180 prefecture-level cities and more than 10,000 cities and towns of the building. According to the plan through intercity rail and metropolitan rail link development will be driven by inter-city development strategies, which may become a new growth point in the construction of a railway.
Industry experts estimate the 2012-2015 total investment of urban rail traffic could reach 720 billion yuan, according to empirical estimation: where civil works about 45%, investment of about 324 billion yuan, rail, substations, control and other equipment accounted for 17% - 18%, investment of about 126 billion yuan; investment vehicles accounted for approximately 10% -12%, about 80 billion yuan; signal detection ticketing system and electrical equipment accounts for about 25% -28%, about 1800-2000 million.
Recently released report, the Pearl River Delta Intercity Railway about 2000 EMU demand, assuming that 2,000 cars body grouping all take the form of eight combined into one, then it takes about 250 Canton future EMU, assuming CRH6 type EMU about $ 120 million each column's prices, the market demand of 30 billion yuan.
It is estimated that if all Chinese intercity rail take a conservative estimation method, the next 30 years intercity rail car demand will reach or more than 45,000, with an average annual demand of more than 1500, annual demand for intercity off the National EMU 22500000000 million.
Insiders finishing, A-share market, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Jinxi Axle, China South Locomotive, China CNR railway equipment manufacturing stocks will meet up opportunities.


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