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Railway Fastening

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Railway Fastening Empty Railway Fastening

Post  landoo Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:18 am

Fasteners are a critical component of track structure, so naturally, railroads are seeking more robust, longer-lasting and maintenance-free fastening products to bolster track for the long haul.
The fastener designs are economical, easy to install and maintain, corrosion resistant, and quiet under load. They have an inherent design flexibility to meet a wide range of performance specifications. For example:
High or low longitudinal restraint to accommodate various system requirements
High or low lateral and vertical spring rate characteristics to meet noise/vibration requirements for either heavy or light vehicle systems
Rigid, resilient or captive spring clip design to attach the rail to the fastener body
Direct installation capability to concrete slab, wood ties or steel ties
Outstanding electrical isolation for protection of stray current flow
Mitre rail expansion joint fasteners, designed to function with mitre rail joints for bridges and other special applications that require electrical signal or power isolation, corrosion resistance and vibration/noise attenuation
Elements of a baseplate based rail fastening system
1. Screw for fixing plate to sleeper
2. Elastomeric pad supporting rail
3. Tension washer
4. Rail clamp
5. Tensioning bolt
6. Baseplate
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