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304 Stainless Steel Plate

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304 Stainless Steel Plate Empty 304 Stainless Steel Plate

Post  landoo Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:55 am

Surface and good corrosion resistance do not have to play a stainless steel surface inherent performance after plating color surface treatment commonly known as stainless steel, used in a wide range of steel. 304 stainless steel plate is a general-purpose stainless steel material the rust-proof performance is stronger than the 200-series stainless steel. Better high temperature high to 1000-1200 degrees. 304 stainless steel plate with fine stainless steel corrosion resistance and good resistance to intergranular corrosion. Come in the experiments of the oxidative acid 304 stainless steel plate concentration ≤ 65% below the boiling temperature of the nitric acid has a strong anti-corrosive. Also has good corrosion resistance to alkali solution and most organic and inorganic acids.
Stainless steel the antirust mechanism alloying elements form a dense oxide film the isolated oxygen contact prevent continued oxidation. Therefore, stainless steel is not "stainless". The 304 material appears rusty phenomenon may have several reasons.
Use of the environment in the presence of chloride ions. The chloride ion widespread such as salt, the sweat, the sea, the sea breeze, soil, etc.. Soon corrosion of stainless steel in the presence of chloride ions environment even more than ordinary low-carbon steel. So have requirements on the use of stainless steel environment but require frequent cleaning dust removing kept clean and dry, given so that you can give him the "improper use". an example the an enterprise with an oak container dressed in a solution of chlorine ions the container has been used 16 days after the replacement of the stainless steel due to the the oak material enough modern nineties of the last century, plans to replace 100 Years The container leak due to corrosion.
None after solution treatment. Alloying elements dissolved in the matrix the resulting matrix microstructure of low alloy content poor corrosion resistance. Contain titanium and niobium materials have a natural tendency to intergranular corrosion. The addition of titanium and niobium the matched to stable handling reduce intergranular corrosion. In the air or chemical corrosion medium to a high-alloy steel to resist corrosion the stainless steel with beautiful surface and good corrosion resistance after plating color surface treatment do not have to play a stainless steel surface properties inherent for use in multi- aspects of a steel commonly known as stainless steel. Angle from the metallographic analysis the because stainless steel contains chromium leaving the surface to form a thin film of chromium the membrane separating from the steel invasive oxygen corrosion. 304 is a generic stainless it is widely used to produce good overall performance corrosion resistance and formability equipment and parts. The inherent corrosion resistance of order to maintain the stainless steel must contain more than 12% chromium. 304 stainless steel plate is produced in accordance with the American ASTM standard stainless steel grades. Equivalent of 0Cr19Ni9 (0Cr18Ni9) 304 stainless steel. 304 19% 9% Nickel chromium.


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