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Damage and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Plate

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Damage and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Plate Empty Damage and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Plate

Post  landoo Fri May 10, 2013 1:20 am

Damage for stainless steel plate, how do we deal with, first of all interested in the stainless steel plate damage was caused by the following aspects.
Dust, dust will continue to fall on the steel plate, this time we can use water or alkaline solution for cleaning. However, the adhesion of dirt need high pressure water or steam to clean.
Furthermore floating iron powder or iron embedded iron rust, and attached to the stainless steel plate or stainless steel plate of iron will also get rusty, these iron must be disposed of, we can use the carbon steel wire brush can also be carbon steel for processing.
The third is the scratches, the scratches are generally during the production process when the left, in order to prevent the process lubricants or products and / or dirt accumulates, to mechanically clean up scratches and other rough surfaces generally with stainless steel polishing machine removed. If in the process of welding or grinding of stainless steel in the air is heated to a certain temperature, weld on both sides of the lower surface of the weld and will appear at the bottom of chromium oxide hot temper color. The hot temper color than the protective oxide thin, and visible. The color depends on the thickness was a rainbow-colored, blue, purple to pale yellow and brown. The thicker oxide ships black. It is due to high temperatures or prolonged stay in a higher degree of. When any one of these oxide layer, the chromium content of the metal surface will be reduced, resulting in reduced corrosion resistance of these regions. In this case, not only to eliminate hot temper color, and other oxide, chromium-depleted metal layer should also below them to clean up.
Fourth is the rust, see Before the processing stainless steel plate rust, the surface of stainless steel has been very serious pollution, should be cleared up, clean up after water test as clean.
The fifth is the scar, scar is caused when performing the welding is generally caused because the welder during the argon welding surface roughness or defects, damage to the stainless steel plate protective film, so as to leave a corrosion hazard. When welding prone to welding spatter, is likely to make some spatter residue on top of the stainless steel plate, after welding these spatter to clean up. Do not damage the surface of the stainless steel. Welding when there will be a number of weld defects, for example, undercuts, no penetration phenomena, such defects will produce some damage on the stainless steel plate, to solve this problem either re-welding or welding will destroy the place after grinding to repair.
Sixth, fats and oils, as well as sticks agent, these things always adhered on the surface of the stainless steel plate, and a source of corrosion of the stainless steel plate. Use of a clean brush and water washing, alkaline cleaning agent can also be in the clean-up alerts.


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