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Solenoid Valve

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Solenoid Valve Empty Solenoid Valve

Post  landoo Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:48 pm

Solenoid valve is a solenoid controlled industrial equipment automation is used to control the flow of components, belong to the actuator is not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic. Used in industrial control system to adjust the direction of the medium, flow, speed and other parameters. Solenoid valve can be used with different circuit to achieve the desired control, and control to ensure the accuracy and flexibility. There are many solenoid valve, the solenoid valve in the control of different systems play a role in different locations, the most commonly used one-way valve, safety valve, the directional control valve, the speed control valve.
Solenoid valve has closed chamber, at different locations with holes, each hole connected to a different pipeline, the middle cavity of the piston, on both sides of the two electromagnets, which faces the magnetic coil is energized the valve body to which it will be attracted side, through the movement of the control valve to open or close the drain hole different, and into the hole is always open, the hydraulic oil will enter a different discharge pipe, and the oil pressure to push the piston of the cylinder, the piston and driven piston rod drive mechanism. So that the electrical current through the control solenoid on-off control of the mechanical motion.
Internal and external leaks are endangering safety elements. Other automatic control valve stem extends usually by electric, pneumatic, hydraulic actuators control spool rotation or movement. This should resolve the long-action valve stem seals for external leakage problem; only the electromagnetic force solenoid valve is used to seal the electric magnetic isolation valve core inside the casing to complete, there is no dynamic seal, so easy to block leakage must . Electric valve torque control difficult, prone to internal leakage, and even pull off the stem head; solenoid valve structure type is easy to control internal leakage, until reduced to zero. Therefore, the use of special safety solenoid valve, in particular for corrosive, toxic or high temperature media.
Solenoid valve is simple, the price is low, compared to other types of valve actuators easy installation and maintenance. More significant is composed of automatic control system is much simpler, the price is much lower. Since the solenoid valve is a switching signal control, and industrial computer connection is very convenient. In today's widespread use of computers, an era of declining prices, the solenoid valve advantage is even more apparent.


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