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Post  landoo Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:22 pm

Ball Bearing is one of the rolling bearing, the spherical alloy steel beads attached to the inner rims and the outer rims of the intermediate, to reduce friction and improve the efficiency of the mechanical power transmission in the power transmission process in rolling manner. Ball bearing can not withstand the larger heavy loads, more common in the Light Industry Machinery.
Common device using ball bearings is like motor drive shaft, the transmission part of the light motor vehicle, machining equipment, factory production line mechanical drive assembly, and so on.
Ball bearings mainly includes four basic components: the ball, the inner ring, the outer ring and the retainer. Ball bearings for general industrial use meet AISI52100 standard, ball and ring usually high-chromium steel, Rockwell hardness (Rockwell C-scale hardness) approximately between 61-65. Maintain hardness compared to low-ball and ring material metal (such as: in carbon steel, aluminum) or nonmetallic (such as: Teflon PTEF, polymer materials). Rolling bearing than the journal bearings of the rotational friction is small, and therefore the same speed, due to the temperatures generated by friction will be relatively low.
The ball bearing is generally used in low-load mechanical transmission equipment. Severe mechanical injury prone because the ball bearing area is small, in the case of high-speed operation, and so often take the needle roller bearings in heavy duty mechanical drive to increase the bearing surface to improve the mechanical transfer efficiency and reduce mechanical injury.
Angular contact ball bearing shaft asymmetric competition. Through in a straight line through the radial direction of the axial load of the bearing load, and the inclined path, often want to separately axial race. Therefore, the angle of contact on the outer ring on the inner ring is the same. The angular contact bearings, to better support the combined load, and the contact angle of the bearing should match the relative proportion of each. A large contact angle, to support the axial load higher, but a lower radial load. In high speed applications, such as turbines, jet engines, and the centrifugal force produced by the dental equipment, the ball, the change in the contact angle of the inner ring and the outer ring. Now frequently used such as silicon nitride ceramic in such applications, due to its low density. These materials significantly reduce the centrifugal force and function, as well as in high temperature environments. They also tend to wear in the bearing steel in a similar manner, rather than as glass or ceramic, cracking or shattering.
Most bicycle use headphones angular contact bearings, because of the force of these bearings, both in the radial and axial directions.
Axial ball bearings side by side race. Passed directly through the bearing axial load, radial load lack of support for the tendency to separate race, so that a large radial load is likely to damage the bearings.
Bearing in the radial direction of the deep trenches, horse racing, the size is close to running in the size of the ball. Deep groove bearings can support higher loads.


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