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Usage of this system Empty Usage of this system

Post  maggie Tue May 10, 2011 7:38 am

The invention relates to an emulsion pump testing system, comprising an electrical apparatus control system which is used for driving a motor to start or stop, a transmission box connected with a tested pump, an emulsion pump circulating system and a hydraulic oil circulating system for driving the transmission box; the working load of the tested pump is changed by adjusting the discharging amount of an oil hydraulic motor, hydraulic pressure output by the tested pump is compensated to the oil hydraulic motor mostly by a loading cylinder, namely, the oil hydraulic motor is not only a driving force source of the tested pump, but also is a load of the tested pump; the system can carry out reliability detecting test to the emulsion pump with different type and different power, and the comprehensive performance and manufacturing quality of the emulsion pump are detected in an on-line way, therefore, the occupying area of the equipment is not only reduced, but also the operating power can not be converted into heat energy, so as to reduce the operating cost; the most important point is that the power can be recycled, the energy consumption is greatly reduced; compared with the prior art, the energy saving can reach about 70 percent, the structure is simple and energy-saving, and has good using effect.pump testing system


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