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What is a Proportional type reducing valve?

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What is a Proportional type reducing valve? Empty What is a Proportional type reducing valve?

Post  landoo Tue Jan 25, 2011 1:25 am

A reducing valve can normally be set for any desired downstream pressure within the design limits of the valve. Once the valve is set, the reduced pressure will be maintained regardless of changes in supply pressure (as long as the supply pressure is at least as high as the reduced pressure desired) and regardless of the system load, providing the load does not exceed the design capacity of the reducer.

Proportional type reducing valve is set with a floating piston in its internal cavity and changes the pressure at water inlet and outlet by means of the pressure difference caused by different horizontal areas on both sides of the piston .The area difference on both sides of the piston in the pipeline subjected to pressure makes the pressure difference on both inlet and outlet of the valve, thus get the purpose of pressure reduction. This valve can reduce both" dynamic" and "static" pressure, having a strict and brand-new structure, smooth movement, exquisite volume, light weight. And it is easy to be mounted and maintained, wearable and leak-preventing.


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