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The disc coupling

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The disc coupling Empty The disc coupling

Post  haoshi Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:56 am

The disc coupling is a drive unit which uses the flexible disc to transfer the torque.The coupling has heat-resisting,corrosion-resisting,lubrication-free,long service life,absorbing shaft deviation,reducing installing requirement.Relaxing impact,lightening vibration,avoiding dangerous breakage occurence etc adwantages.

Under uncertain operating conditions,it can whole replace other coupling with any forms.It can be almost used in all power transmission,Along with rapid development of the industrial technique and automatiisc control technique in our country,higher requirement for the coupling have been put forward.The metallic flexible coupling has superior performances on the aspects such as mechanical property,easy to use,power-saving,environmental protection etc.These make the coupling to obtain appreciation and approval from the vast users.Welcome to our website to see more information on related products Cylinder Mould


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