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agricultural products

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agricultural products Empty agricultural products

Post  lilyqianweiku Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:57 am

Agricultural product food for animal and plants through cultivating and industrial raw material industry,.
Agricultural belongs to the first industry, to study agricultural science is agriculture. Agriculture has broad definition and narrow definition, broad definition include farming ,forestry ,animal husbandry and fisheries ,planting for narrow sense of agriculture. Agriculture can be divided in to planting, forestry, animal husbandry, related terminology, agronomist, agronomy, agricultural science, countryside and farmer. The united nations food and agriculture organization., agricultural tax and agricultural subsidies, agricultural machinery and tools,agricultral production, agriculture cooperatives and depiction of complex farms settlement, agriculture standardization, industrializationof agriculture, efficient agriculture ,green agriculture, zoology agriculture,export-oriented agriculture. pre-ordered agriculture, food,feed,fruit,agricultral products,aquatic product,food ,green food,pollution-free food,transgenic,pesticide,biological pesticide,fertilizer,chemical fertilizer,crops and economic crops,vegetables flowers ,seeds,plants,vegetation,pests,plant protection, farming forestry,production material ,production material self-sufficiency ,small peasant economy.


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