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Oilless Bearings Applications

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Oilless Bearings Applications Empty Oilless Bearings Applications

Post  landoo Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:43 am

Oilless bearing is a characteristic of both metallic and non-oil lubricated bearing characteristics of the novel bearing lubrication bearing, load bearing by the metal matrix, a special formula of solid lubricating materials act as a lubricant. It has a high carrying capacity, impact resistance, high temperature, self-lubricating ability and other characteristics. Its application characters are as follows:
1) Working under oilless or minim oil state, maintenance free or just need a little maintenance.
2) Resist Abrasion, low coefficient of friction long operating life.
3) Operating in -195~+280
4) Good mending, low-noise, non-pollution
5) Thin wall, light, which can reduce the cubage of the machine.
6) Forming a transferred film during operation to protect shaft
7) Low demand to the shaft even no surface hardness treatment, which lower the cost of the mating components.
Cool No absorption to water/oil, small coefficient of Thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity and size stability.
9) The back of the steel strip can be plated with various metals, anti-corrosions.
The Oilless bearings now are used in sliding components of different machinery, such as auto machinery, piston pump, gear pump, textile machine, auto-sides machine, injection machine, sports machine, office equipments etc.


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