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Mechnical definition

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 Mechnical definition Empty Mechnical definition

Post  lilyqianweiku Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:31 pm

Using the mechanics principle composition of devices. Leverage, pulley, machine guns and etc. Are all machinery. Mechanical (machine), originated from the Greek and Latin medina machine, originally refers to "clever design", as a general mechanical concept, can be traced back to Roman times, mainly is for differences and hand tools. The modern Chinese "machine" one word for institutions for English (mechanism) and machine (machine) the floorboard.
Machinery is simple device, it can draw energy, and force is conveyed from one place to another place. It can change the shape of an object structure to create new objects. In life, around us there are innumerable different kinds of machinery in work for us.
Mechanical daily understanding is a mechanical device, also be various machines and equipment.


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