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Pipe joint sealing device

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Pipe joint sealing device Empty Pipe joint sealing device

Post  free Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:22 am

I've got a pipe joint sealing device rotten, and the male connector screwed down, the amount of the next, probably like 3 / 4 pipe thread, but do not see a G or R's?
Later, I respectively R3 / 4 and G3 / 4 of the die to set up, the feeling is the R3 / 4 of the plate a little more comfortable braces, then I think outside the joint is R3 / 4 of the

However, on the body with matching thread more difficult to determine, in the end is a G3 / 4 of the cylindrical internal thread or R3 / 4 of the taper thread?
Because I am going to parent their own processing, external connector type size can not be changed, it is necessary to determine the specifications of the mother on the thread

This is not related to the pipe threads must match the type of pairs
I checked the manual, on the 55 ° of the pipe threads with a total of three criteria, namely: cylindrical internal thread and taper external thread with (column / cone with), taper thread and taper external thread with (cone / cone with), cylindrical internal thread and cylindrical with external thread (column / pillar tie)



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