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The understanding of braces

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The understanding of braces Empty The understanding of braces

Post  maomao Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:19 am

Braces everyone know? It is closely related to our life, because it is in our teeth on small, say don't know, it's role is to make the teeth move, braces although it is small, but it is very fine structure, and can be divided into three parts, and the use of the bow silk fixed wing and accommodate bow ligation of sheet, braces and tooth surface bonding floor.
Due to the lack of traditional braces Trough idler, wire etc corrective devices, correct process is no longer pain. The stimulation of periodontal tissue and discomfort, is the lowest is very comfortable.
But also very convenient: can pick wear, do not affect social, eating and exercise, etc. While fewer appointment, save your precious time.


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