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Mechanical braces may not be good, want to notice

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Mechanical braces may not be good, want to notice Empty Mechanical braces may not be good, want to notice

Post  maomao Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:07 pm

The word did not braces to hear, but it is in our life is closely related to the braces, it is divided into two categories have ceramic braces and metal braces.
Today I introduce is ceramic braces
Ceramic braces has two kinds, one kind is bottom, the sheet braces Trough idlerit is flat bottom, surface coating of silane. Still exist in the small concave increase mechanical tributaries. This is to reduce the mechanical fixation power, because it is chemical combination, and micro mechanical combination.
But another underside is smooth, increase by chemical coating adhesive strength, it can connect resins adhesive and braces surface.
The ceramic braces and metal braces are not the same, compared with metal removal in ceramic braces it easier when the damage caused by the enamel.
Now there are many clinical studies have reported the machinery to braces process of enamel damage. The machinery to braces method of damage caused by enamel more likely it is dysplasia, enamel, large crack repair, etc. Influence, etc.
If use braces to mechanical force may cause discomfort, so my friends if you want to change, please carefully consider whether torre grass with mechanical strength.


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