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Ceramic Mechanical Seal

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 Ceramic Mechanical Seal Empty Ceramic Mechanical Seal

Post  landoo Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:24 pm

Mechanical seal is usually composed by a pair of ring and static ring, seals, springs, thrust ring and other types of screw component, it mainly for pumps, compressors, hydraulic transmission, and other similar devices the rotation axis of the seal.

One commonly used engineering ceramics are alumina, silicon nitride and silicon carbide, which is so-called Ceramic Mechanical Seal. Ceramics has high hardness, wearing resistance, good corrosion resistance and good heat resistance characteristics, so it is an ideal dynamic and static ring sealing surface material. In which silicon carbide is a recent development of new material? In addition to the general characteristics of ceramics, it also has good chemical stability, heat resistance and thermal vibration resistance.


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