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A sand molded casting

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A sand molded casting Empty A sand molded casting

Post  landoo Fri Jul 30, 2010 6:29 am

A sand casting or a sand molded casting is a cast part produced by forming a mold with the help of a model or pattern pressed into a sand mixture and then removed, after which molten liquid metal is poured into the cavity in the mold.

The mold is then cooled until the metal has solidified. In the last stage, the casting is separated from the mold. There are six steps in this process:

1. Place a pattern in sand to create a mold.
2. Incorporate the pattern and sand in a gating system.
3. Remove the pattern.
4. Fill the mold cavity with molten metal.
5. Allow the metal to cool.
6. Break away the sand mold and remove the casting.


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