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Kevlar and Kevlar Fabric

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Kevlar and Kevlar Fabric Empty Kevlar and Kevlar Fabric

Post  landoo Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:49 am

Kevlar is made of an extremely strong fabric called an aramid fabric, which is chemically related to nylon. This material Kevlar is used popularly in bulletproof vests due to its intensely strong and hard-to-corrode weave.

Due to kevlar's high resistance to heat and inability to melt, it's often used in fire-fighting equipment. Nomex, which is a fabric that is generally considered to be fireproof, is a variant of kevlar fabric.

Kevlar fabric's properties make it a high demand item. Recently kevlar has been made an integral part of shelters in areas of high tornado occurrence. Kevlar's strength and endurance give it the ability to deflect even large items hitting a shelter and thus to protect people inside.


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