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Custom Injection Molding

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Custom Injection Molding Empty Custom Injection Molding

Post  haoshi Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:43 pm

Before the injection-type set to identify and prepare the following points are worth noting:
Confirmed that material drying, mold temperature and the heating cylinder temperature is set correctly and meet the state can be processed.
Check opening and closing the mold and goes out of the action and set the distance.
Injection pressure (P1) is set to the maximum 60%.
Keep up the pressure (PH) is set to the maximum 30%.
Injection speed (V1) is set to the maximum 40%.
Screw speed (VS) set at about 60RPM.
Back pressure (PB) set at about 10kg/cm2.
Pine withdrawal set 3mm
Holding pressure switching position set screw diameter of 30%. For example φ100mm screw, then set 30mm.
Measuring stroke shorter than the calculated value set.
Injection shorter total time, cooling time longer set.
This is the custom injection molding to prepare before.


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