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Post  haoshi Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:58 am

Cryogenic liquid pump (referred to as cryogenic pumps) in the oil, air separation and chemical devices used to transport cryogenic liquid (such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid hydrocarbon and liquefied natural gas, etc.) a special pump, its use is cryogenic liquid transport from the place of low pressure to high pressure areas. With the development of air separation technology, low-temperature liquid has been widely applied and development. In air separation plant as long as the functions are: for liquid circulation; or extract liquid from the tank into the carburetor and the pressure, after evaporation to give the user. As the cryogenic liquid delivery pump for the cryogenic liquid medium are in the process of transport medium should be kept low, if the event from around the pump absorbed more heat, the pump will be a lot of vaporization of cryogenic liquid to produce gas, thus affecting the work of the pump . Therefore, low temperature pump in the structure, materials, installation and operation and so has its own special requirements in order to achieve low-temperature liquid delivery requirements. In accordance with the principle of different low-temperature reciprocating pump and centrifugal divided into two categories.this is specialized pump


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