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Oil Transfer Pump

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Oil Transfer Pump Empty Oil Transfer Pump

Post  haoshi Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:56 am

The role is to ensure that fuel pump diesel oil line in the low pressure within the loop, and the supply of adequate quantity and fuel to the fuel pump a certain pressure, the oil should be for the whole amount of the maximum load capacity of 3-4 times the fuel injection.Oil Transfer Pump the following: oil pump gear, diaphragm fuel pump, oil pump plunger, pipeline fuel pump, etc..
Generally speaking, oil pump machine is very reliable, even if the fault is often inadequate membrane rupture caused by oil. Sometimes, excessive wear and tear pump arm or spring, can also cause oil shortage, the failure easier to identify. The old fuel pump repairable, but the modern oil pump can not be removed because once the failure on the renewal


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