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Post  haoshi Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:54 am

Application of small size, fast response, low, linear sensor characteristics so that the current reluctance to provide the minimum current regulation, the maximum power 50W, three-phase brushless (Brush less) motor pulse width modulation (PWM) Controller the best solution. Current sensors monitor the +24 V DC bus (BUS) on the current sensor output import comparator, by digital-analog converter (DAC) to compare. DAC control the drive torque is basically relying on the current sensor to determine the trigger time of the comparator. Comparator output control for the (Commutation Control) control circuitry so that it can trigger the three pairs of MOSFET gate to drive the motor. When the DAC's voltage level and the motor drive current standard bit the same, the comparator (via controller) control transistor trigger which can increase, maintain or reduce the torque, the current sensor can also control the torque when the feedback component and fault conditions of the monitor.Drive component in the use of a magnetoresistive current sensors, the improved performance of motor drives


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