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Post  landoo Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:06 pm

Plug valve closure member or plunger is shaped rotary valve, the valve by rotating 90 degrees to the channel mouth stuffed with the same openings on the body or apart, to achieve open or close a valve. Stopcock valve plug into a cylindrical or conical shape can be. In the cylindrical valve plug, the channel generally rectangular; while the tapered valve plug, the channel into a trapezoid. These shapes make stopcock structure becomes light, but it also had some losses. Stopcock off and on the most suitable media as well as the diversion apply, but the nature and basis for the sealing surface erosion resistance, and sometimes also be used for throttling.
Is a fast switching plug through the valve, as with the rotary movement between the sealing surface wiping action, and in the fully open can completely prevent the contact with the flowing medium, so it is usually also be used with suspended particles of the medium. Another important characteristic of the plug it is easy to adapt to multi -channel structure such that a valve can be obtained two, three or even four different flow channel. This simplifies the design of piping systems, reducing the amount of valves and equipment required for some connection accessories.
Soft sealing plug valves commonly used in corrosive, toxic and highly hazardous media and other harsh environments where strict ban leakage, as well as the formation of the valve material does not pollute the occasion of the media. Body according to the working medium carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Export body design and dual-channel side window seal ring groove structure, cocks during rotation, the sealing between the sealing pressure gradually change until it reaches the fully open or fully closed position, the sealing pressure to generate sufficient, sealing achieve zero leakage. Plunger at the top of the unique anti- lip seal design, using a soft sealing material and the metal diaphragm with diaphragm combination either adjust shims between the sealing surface sealing pressure, so that the plug rotating flexible, and can ensure the inlet and outlet ends and the side of the sealing flange. Suitable for high erosion resistance of gas-solid. Liquid-solid phase medium. Such as PVC, urea, acetic anhydride, caustic soda production apparatus, the high-dielectric and external leakage requirements, such as HF, phosgene.
Oil lubricated seal plug can be divided into conventional oil lubricated plug valves and pressure balanced plug valves. Special grease injection valve from the top of the plug body taper between the plug body, form a film in order to reduce the valve opening and closing moments, improve sealing and service life. Its working pressure up to 64MPa, the maximum operating temperature up to 325 degrees, the maximum diameter of up to 600mm.


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