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Post  haoshi Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:58 pm

Pulley diameter size reduction ratio is assigned according to their own, according to the work of his speed and the motor design. Working speed / motor speed = driven wheel diameter / driving wheel diameter * 0.98 (slip coefficient), such as the use of steel as the material of the pulley, required speed is not higher than 40m / s, such as the use of cast iron materials, required speed is not higher than 35m / s, the motor speed and pulley diameter conversion ratio, speed ratio = output speed: Input speed = load pulley pitch diameter: motor pulley pitch diameter. Pitch diameter and reference diameter is the same diameter-2h = pitch diameter, h is the base line groove depth, different types of V with h is not the same, YZABCDE, base line groove depth was h = 1.6 2 2.75 3.5 4.8 8.1 9.6. Pulley pitch diameter is the diameter of pulley theory section of line position, a bit like the gear pitch circle diameter. Usually with PD said, usually with cylindrical OD said. Different pitch and the cylindrical groove of the conversion formula is different, generally we relatively easy to measure to the cylindrical pulley, in accordance with the formula to calculate the pitch. SPZ: OD = PD +4; SPA: OD = PD +5.5; SPB: OD = PD +7; SPC: OD = PD +9.6. A minimum diameter of belt wheel or the SPA size of 80mm, such as less than the size, especially in the case of high-speed, belt prone to delamination and cracks and other defects at the bottom. SPZ with small round can not be less than 63mm. Also pay attention to the way the belt installed and tension, slippery too small, too easy to damage the belt and bearings.Main Pulley is from China


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