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Powder coating line in our daily life

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Powder coating line in our daily life Empty Powder coating line in our daily life

Post  kk123 Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:37 am

powder coating line was not known so much ten years ago, The main area of use powder coating line was known as aluminum,steel door ,machinery,lighting,white goods, automotive, metal furniture,steek shelving,table,chair,door handle,headwall,stand,park&garden furniture,children’s play parks,agricultural tools and equipment,powder panels,bicycle,fence,accessories,panel radiater,frying pan,saucepan,kitchen tool and utensils,etc;however,it is also used in the glass and wood industries.
  Normally, when you paint something, the pigment is dissolved in a solvent. You paint the mixture on, and the solvent evaporates and leaves behind the pigment. For powder coating the pigment is powdered. The part is charged with static electricity and then sprayed with the powder, which sticks to it in a uniform layer. Then the part is baked and the pigment melts into a coating. The advantage of this is first that it's cheaper because you don't waste as much pigment, and also it's better for the environment because you don't have all that solvent going into the atmosphere.
  The process is an efficient and highly effective method of coating a wide variety of consumer products ranging from domestic appliances to garden furniture.
  maybe some day you will need it ,here you can find the powder coating line.


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