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Crossed Roller Bearing

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Crossed Roller Bearing Empty Crossed Roller Bearing

Post  landoo Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:08 pm

Crossed roller bearings, having been split inner or outer ring, load rollers and spacer retainer after the Cross-Roller Ring fastened together to prevent separated from each other, so the installation Cross Roller Ring Operation easy. Since the rollers is arranged in cross, so only one set of Cross Roller Ring can withstand all directions load compared to conventional models, rigidity increased by 3 to 4 times. Also, because the cross roller bearing inner or outer ring is two split bearing clearance adjustable, even if they are applied preload can be obtained with high precision rotary motion.
Rollers fitted between the spacer retainer or spacers, to prevent the roller tilt roller between the wear observed, effectively prevent the rotational torque increases. Also, do not occur roller unilateral contact or locking phenomenon; also because outside the ring is segmented structure, the gap can be adjusted, even if the preload can obtain high-precision rotary motion. Is divided into two parts of the outer or inner, load the roller and retainer after being fixed together, so that the installation operation is very simple.
Because roller at 90 ° to the V-shaped groove raceway via a spacer retainer being mutually aligned vertically, this design makes cross roller bearings can withstand greater radial load, axial load and moment load and all the direction of the load. Cross roller bearing outer ring size is minimal miniaturization, especially thin structure is close to the limit of small size, and high rigidity, so the most suitable for industrial robot joints or rotating parts, machining centers of rotation table, manipulator rotating part, precision rotary tables, medical equipment, measuring instruments, IC manufacturing equipment, etc. wide range of applications.
XR series cross-tapered roller bearing design in a smaller space to provide high rotational accuracy and rigidity, a substantial saving material costs. Such bearings are the two raceways and the roller at right angles to the cross mounted together, the adjacent rollers in the opposite direction, the roller and the roller is installed between the spacers, the roller is also equipped with a support pad , which makes the rollers of the two half-column volume into the same space. The bearing angle and the tapered geometry is such that the bearing effective span than the bearing itself, the actual width several times.
XR series has two tapered roller at 90 ° to the surface of the V-cutter vertical cross through a spacer retainer arrangement, able to withstand the radial load, axial load and other loads in all directions. Raceways and rollers on the line contact structure provides maximum rotational accuracy, high stability and greater tilt stiffness. Preload adjustable design extends bearing life, the maximum extent possible to increase the rigidity and provides a minimal beat. Nylon spacer lower inertia, running less torque. Components using surface-hardened steel or bearing steel electroslag remelting, good impact resistance.


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