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Globe Valve Empty Globe Valve

Post  landoo Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:29 am

Globe valve opening and closing parts are shaped valve plug, leaving it flat or cone seal, valve seat along the centerline of a straight line. Stem form of exercise (generic name: dark bar), but also lift rotating rod, (common name: the next shot) globe valve is closed parts moves along the centerline of the valve seat. According to this mobile form of valve, valve seat and port change is proportional valve stroke. As such the valve stem to open or close the relatively short trip, but also has a very reliable cut-off function, and because changes in the valve seat and the valve port valve stroke proportional relationship is very suitable for the regulation of traffic. Therefore, this type of shut-off globe valve shut off valve is suitable for use or adjustment, and throttle.
The globe valve fully open position by the closing stages, with the valve flap down, causing the fluid pressure in the valve before and after to prevent valve down, and this resistance is decreased rapidly with increasing valve. When the globe valve is fully closed, the valve differential pressure equal to the working pressure medium, then the maximum resistance. Coupled with mandatory sealing force, so that the operation of globe valve closed momentary force increases rapidly. The valve opening process, due to media pressure or differential pressure valve caused by the thrust is to help open the valve. It should be noted that the instantaneous torque in opening off valve is likely to exceed the torque, because the larger to overcome static friction.
Globe valve is open, the valve opening height of globe valve nominal diameter of 25% to 30%, the flow already reached the maximum that indicates globe valve has reached the fully open position, so the globe valve should be fully open position valve itinerary to determine. globe the case when the valve is closed and opened again after shutting the case with compulsory sealed gate valve similar, so the closed position of globe valve operating torque should be increased by a predetermined value to determine.
Globe valve medium only allowed one-way flow, install directional. Globe valve structure length is greater than the valve, and fluid resistance, long-term operation, the sealing reliability is not strong. Globe valve is divided into three categories: straight-through valve, angle valve and DC-type helical Globe valve. The most obvious advantages are: the opening and closing process, because the valve sealing surface on the friction between the body than the gate is small, and therefore wear. Seat height is typically only open channel diameter of 1/4, so much smaller than the gate. Usually in the valve body and only one sealing surface, and thus the manufacturing process is better, ease of maintenance.


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