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Electric valve

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Electric valve Empty Electric valve

Post  landoo Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:15 pm

Electric valve actuation torque bigger than normal valve, electric valve switching speed can be adjusted, simple structure, easy maintenance, the course of action because of the gas itself cushioning properties, not easy to be damaged due to stuck, but there must be gas source, and its control complicated than the electric valve system. This type valve in the pipeline should generally be installed horizontally. Simply say that the electric valve with electric actuator Control valves, enabling the valve on and off. Which can be divided into two parts, the upper part of the electric actuator, the lower half is divided into the valve. Advantage of the liquid medium and large diameter gas effect, not climate. Effect of pressure from compressed air. Disadvantage is the high cost, in a wet environment is not good.
Electric valve usually consists of electric actuators and valves. Electric valve using electricity as a power to be driven by an electric valve actuators to achieve the switching valve. So as to achieve the purpose of the pipeline medium switch. Solenoid valve is a type of electric valve; the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic coil to pull the plug, thereby changing the on-off valve, coil power, are relying on the spool return spring pressure.
The operation of the electric valves, all valves should be complete and intact. Flange bolts and bracket indispensable thread should be intact, does not allow loosening. Hand tighten the nut on the wheel, if found loose should be tightened to prevent wear and tear or lost connection handwheel and plate. If the handwheel is lost and does not allow wrench instead should be fully serviced. Gland not skew or no pretension gap. For vulnerable rain, snow, dust, sand and dirt contamination of the environment of the electric valve, the valve stem to install protective cover. Electric valves on the gauge should be kept complete, accurate and clear. Electric valve seals, caps, pneumatic accessories, etc. should be complete and intact. Insulation jacket should be no dents, cracks.
Valve electric device is programmed to achieve valves, automation, and remote indispensable equipment, its movement can be stroke, torque or axial thrust to control the size. Since valve electric device operating characteristics and utilization depends on the type of valves, fittings and valves in the pipeline job specification or equipment on location, therefore, the correct choice valve electric device for preventing overload phenomenon (operating torque than the control torque) is essential.
Electric valve actuators for operating the valves and the valve is connected to one of the devices. The device is driven by electricity, which movement can be stroke, torque or axial force to control the size. As the valve electric device should work characteristics and utilization depends on the type of valves, fittings and valves regulate the work of the pipeline or equipment location. Therefore master valve actuators correct choice; consider for preventing overload (operating torque than the control torque) occurrence has become a vital part.


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