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Reduce Noise of Ball Bearing

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Reduce Noise of Ball Bearing Empty Reduce Noise of Ball Bearing

Post  landoo Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:59 am

Process refinement, mainly refers to the process as short as possible, combined machining processes, production without intermediate stock, effectively reduce the impact of low-noise ball bearing performance process factors; produce clean, which is a system of technology, including grinding fluid, ultra- semen, cleaning fluid, air, high-pressure air, production environment technology process; automated processing from the car to the assembly process automation, little or no; scale, these bearings especially mute ball bearings must be the formation of large-scale, in order to have a global market competitiveness.
High-speed grinding, electro-spindle precision, stiffness, life and a variety of improved detection protection performance plays a major role on the grinding accuracy and efficiency; grinder technology, foreign internal grinder usually have a high-speed grinding, AC servo control, feed Resolution 0.25μ fully automatic easy to operate, self-diagnostic function; ultra-precision technology, Osaka, Japan Seiki unintentional support station ultra-precision and German ladder Lun House as the representative of hydraulic centering four-station bit ultra-precision two ways. The autoline application of this way constitute more mature, currently has about 100. With the advanced industrial countries host technology continues to improve, the line is more simple, and gradually reduce or do not take the initiative to measure and detected outside the machine; feed drive AC variable frequency high-precision micro-AC servo system, the stability of the guide wheel adjustment system, you can have online Random intelligent measurement, CBN grinding wheel grinding, automatic line, round up to 0.3, size dispersion up to 3 micromolar.
Surface grinder, double-ended abroad surface grinding machine spindle are commonly used in high-precision, high rigidity rolling bearing spindle unit wheel shaft system, oil mist lubrication. Gardner technology, for example, the company production system is equipped with more than 90 years of history, grinding bearings, ceramic, glass, rubber, plastic and other materials. The main technical automatic wheel dressing and compensation, grinding wheel feed to the servo motor screw coaxial structure, wheel to the inside and outside fast synchronization feed, feed accuracy can be achieved 0.25um body placed in two horizontal pad and balance on the balancer has a self-balancing support rod, can automatically adjust the with two horizontal pad into a horizontal plane, so that the machine to a solid support, the balancer focus in maintaining concentricity of the wheel axis, increasing wheel dressing interval, the workpiece feed rotary, reciprocating, through special four forms of superabrasive grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding, grinding, high accuracy, good stability, extremely long wheel life and convenient operation adjustment , according to the processing requirements and specially formulated abrasive, binder, structure (ring, button-shaped or link like), so as to achieve the best grinding results, parallel to the poor and the flatness of 1μm.


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