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Bearing Manufacturing Process

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Bearing Manufacturing Process Empty Bearing Manufacturing Process

Post  landoo Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:59 am

Large number of tests at home and abroad: cage, rings, processing quality of ball bearing vibration with varying degrees of impact, in which the steel ball processing quality is the most obvious impact on bearing vibration, followed by the processing quality of the rings, the most important influence. factor is the balls and the ferrule roundness, waviness, roughness of the surface, surface bump wound.
Steel ball products in China the most prominent problem is valued discrete vibration, severe surface defects (single point, the group points, pits, etc.), despite the surface roughness, size, shape, the error is not lower than the level of out of the loop, but the co-sets rear bearing vibration value might even have a different sound, the main problem is the waviness no control, while the machine vibration resistance, grinding wheel, grinding disc, coolant, process parameters are problems ; the other hand, we must improve the management level, to avoid the bump hurt, scratches, burns and other quality problems at any time machine.
For the rings, the most serious impact of bearing vibration channel waviness and surface roughness. For example, small and medium-sized deep groove ball bearing inner and outer channel roundness more than 2 uM the bearing vibration significant impact inside and outside the channel waviness greater than 0.7 micrometers, the bearing vibration value increases with the waviness channel serious gouges vibration can rise more than 4dB, even different sound.
First, reduce the the vibration rolling surface grinding ultra-fine, good surface finish shape accuracy and surface texture quality in order to reduce vibration, wear super machine must have good vibration resistance, bed and other important structures having vibration absorption, ultra- precision machine tools whetstone oscillation system has a good anti-vibration performance; improve grinding speed, outer raceway commonly used foreign grinding 6202 60000 electric spindle, grinding speed of 60m / s or more, the domestic general much lower, mainly due to the spindle and main bearing performance limitations. High-speed grinding, small grinding force, grinding deterioration thin, low noise ball bearing; static and dynamic stiffness of the spindle speed characteristics of low noise ball bearing grinding vibration effects, the higher the stiffness, grinding speed change is less sensitive to the grinding force, the smaller the grinding system vibration. To improve grinding wheel cutting Whetstone and finishing quality is essential. Wheel Whetstone organizational structure uniformity, seriously affecting the quality of the low noise ball bearing grinding of ultra-processed; cooled sufficiently to improve filtering accuracy; improve the feed resolution of the fine to the system, reduce the inertia of the feed; reasonable wear ultra-processing process parameters and manufacturing processes can not be ignored, the grinding amount should be small, strictly geometric tolerance, small and medium-sized ball bearing outer diameter should not use Superfinishing coarse grinding super should not be separated in order to ensure a good surface quality.


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