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Balancing Valve

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Balancing Valve Empty Balancing Valve

Post  landoo Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:19 am

Balancing valve is a special feature of the valve, the valve itself is so special, only that use features and places are different. In certain industries, the media in various parts of the pipe or vessel there is a large differential pressure or flow rate difference, reduced or balanced by the difference between the corresponding pipe or vessel install the valve for regulating the pressure on both sides of the relative balance or to achieve the balance of flow through the shunt, the valve is called the counterbalance valve.
Balancing valve is a digital lock special features of the regulator valve, DC-body structure, with a better percentage flow characteristic, a reasonable allocation of traffic, effective solution to room temperature in the heating (air conditioning) systems Enthusiasm. At the same time able to accurately adjust the pressure drop and flow, to improve the current state of the liquid in the pipe network system to achieve the fluid balance of the pipe network and the purpose of saving the source. Lock valve opening degree with instructions, open and locking device for pressure measurement flow measurement valve, balance valve in each branch and the user entrance fitted with the appropriate specifications, and intelligent instruments with special one-time debugging, The total water volume of the system is controlled within a reasonable range, in order to overcome the "flow, small temperature anomaly.
The balancing valve operation of the system is adjusted by the amount of concentrated regulation (such as the pump variable speed regulation, etc.), you can not balance valve and balancing valve. This adjustment is achieved by changing the amount of water, thus regulating changed the hydraulic conditions of the system, so the use of the balance valve, it is bound to cause some valve can work, but the amount of traffic (more than the heat load of the corresponding flow), and some valves fully open still reach flow requirements, and some valve pressure at both ends up to less than the start pressure does not work, that the chaos of traffic distribution. Obviously, due to the presence of a counterbalance valve, resulting in a focus adjustment can not be achieved. At this time, the use of manual control valve, the increase or decrease of the total flow of the system, each branch, each user's traffic can increase or decrease in the same proportion, that is to say, system of centralized regulation can be passed to each end of the device.
When regulating the operation of the system for quality control, balancing valves and self-pressure balancing valve, because this regulation only change the water temperature, and has nothing to do with the hydraulic conditions of the system, that is, without changing the hydraulic conditions of the system of the case, the adjustment to convey to each user and device. Using the counterbalance valve, the pressure fluctuations can absorb the network, to maintain a constant flow charged with the load. The balancing valve can absorb fluctuations in the pressure of the network, as well as to overcome the internal disturbance in order to maintain constant pressure applied to the charged loop.


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