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Care and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Sheet

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Care and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Sheet Empty Care and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Sheet

Post  landoo Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:21 pm

Under normal circumstances, the stainless steel will not rust.If you use or improper maintenance, or stainless steel which is too bad, there may be stainless steel rusting. Raise awareness of stainless steel maintenance, it is necessary to do maintenance work. Stainless steel and products if used properly, will cause rust and unglued. Should pay attention to the proper use, to prevent the occurrence of these two phenomena.
Using a stainless steel sheet for its rusty rust, should avoid contact with the following substances. Destruction is not a dynamic coating substance, such as ion-containing, sulfur oxide-containing substances, the specific acids such as HCl, H2SO4, and can generate the water-soluble substance of these acids such as those containing SO4 substance, NaCl salified compounds and HClO. Hinder not reproduction of a dynamic coating substances, such as soil dust, dust, soot, etc.. Will is formed adhered rust "substances, mainly the dissimilar metal such as iron powder.
Stainless steel sheet anti-unglued must do the following. Stainless steel sheet in applying the protective film should avoid ultraviolet light, heat, and pressure. After the elevator installation shall promptly remove the film, in order to avoid leaving traces of paste.
Surface protection film left the paste marks like cleaning, a mild case, use a sponge or cloth moistened with alcohol, volatile oil, water that day, alcohol and toluene or acetone mixed solution wipe. Solution is not dry with a clean cloth wipe further, the solution was diluted paste traces completely wipe from the surface of the stainless steel sheet; paste traces of more serious, increase the amount of the solution, infiltration for a while and then rub stainless steel sheet or use a commercially available cleaning agents. Either way, the last must use water to fully clean. Hand traces of dirt and fingerprints surface caused by dirty methods, general use can wipe neutral detergent or soap, if not wipe clean, you need to use an organic solution (alcohol, benzine). Wipe with an organic solvent, while the solution is not dry immediately with a dry cloth. In addition, it is recommended to use a stainless steel cleaner available on the market. Either way, the last must use water to fully clean.
The early adhesion rust "and other causes rusty in the initial stage, the surface of the stainless steel sheet completely unaffected or only a little by the early removal of rust with a commercially available stainless steel cleaner, in general, can be restoredthe original surface state.
If no initial timely cleaning, it will cause the stainless steel sheet itself rusty adhered rust. In addition, salt and other harmful components rust is not timely cleaning, will be developed into a thick dark brown rust, two more serious rust spots are difficult to remove, are generally required to be sold on the market dedicated to remove more serious red rust and dirt stainless steel cleaner. If this liquid still can not remove the rust, you should first rust with sandpaper or a special stainless steel brush to wipe off the part, and then cleaning agent it is easier to get rid of the rust, but be careful not to stainless steel board surface scratches.


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