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Rolling Method of Stainless Steel Sheet

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Rolling Method of Stainless Steel Sheet Empty Rolling Method of Stainless Steel Sheet

Post  landoo Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:20 pm

Stainless steel sheet manufacturing method, both hot-rolled and cold-rolled, hot-rolled steel carbon content is slightly higher than cold-rolled steel sheet. Density is the same as in the case of ingredients or less. However, if the differences between ingredients, such as stainless steel or cold-rolled, hot-rolled steel sheet density in 7.9g/cm3. Depends on the specific ingredients, hot-rolled steel is more ductile better, steel Also subject to pressure, what is hot-rolled sheet, cold-rolled sheet?
The advantages of hot-rolled sheet, can destroy the cast structure of the ingot, refinement of the crystal grains of the steel, and eliminate the defects of the microstructure, thereby compacting steel tissue, improve the mechanical properties. This improvement is mainly reflected along the rolling direction, so that the steel to some extent, no longer be isotropic body; pouring the formation of bubbles, cracks, and loose, also under the high temperature and pressure welding.
The disadvantage of hot-rolled sheet: After hot rolling, the steel inside the non-metallic inclusions (mainly of sulphides and oxides, silicates) is pressed into a sheet, layered (sandwich) phenomenon. Stratification of the steel in the thickness direction by the pull-performance deteriorated significantly, and may appear in the weld shrinkage interlayer tear. The weld shrinkage induced local strain often reach several times the yield point strain, the strain is much greater than the load. The residual stress caused by uneven cooling. The residual stress is stress of internal self-phase equilibrium in the absence of external force, the various sections of the hot-rolled steel has a residual stress such, the greater the cross-sectional size of the ships steel, the greater the residual stresses. Residual stresses from equilibrium, but on the performance of the steel components under loads or have a certain influence. May adversely effect such as deformation, stability, anti-fatigue. Hot-rolled steel products, poor control of thickness and edge width. We are familiar with the thermal expansion and contraction, the beginning of the hot-rolled out even length, thickness standards, and finally cooling or there will be some negative difference, this negative balance on the edge of wider and wide, increasing thickness of the performance of the more obvious. So for tuba steel, the steel edge width, thickness, length, angle, and the sideline no law requirements too precise. Hot-rolled dimensional accuracy, shape, surface quality control the increasing maturity of the new technology and new products continue to come out, hot rolled steel, 301 stainless steel products has been more widely used in the market with more and the stronger competitiveness.
Cold-rolled at room temperature, processing, although in the process of rolling also make steel warming, nevertheless called cold-rolled hot-rolled sheets.Hot-rolled after continuous cold variant made of cold-rolled, in relatively poor mechanical properties, hardness is too high.


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