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Rolling Mill Bearing

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Rolling Mill Bearing Empty Rolling Mill Bearing

Post  landoo Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:54 pm

Rolling mill bearings, is used in metallurgy, mining and other mill stand roll neck, roller bearing. Usually cylindrical roller bearings support radial load, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, radial or thrust designed tapered roller bearing axial load. Oil lubrication or oil mist lubrication is mostly used for lubrication cooling bearings.
Four-row cylindrical roller bearings and six cylindrical roller bearings almost exclusively for the roll neck of the rolling stands, roller and calender. Compared with other roller bearings, bearing friction. Since these bearings are usually installed in the interference fit the neck of the roll, particularly suitable for a high rolling speed of the rolling mill applications. These bearings allow the use of a low cross-sectional view with the roll diameter is relatively large compared to the diameter of the roll neck. Since very many rollers can be loaded, the radial load capacity is very high.
Multi-row cylindrical roller bearings can only bear radial load. Therefore, these bearings with deep groove ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings, radial or thrust designed tapered roller bearings installed along the axial load by the latter. Four and six-row tapered roller bearings for the separation of design, with integral flange bearing ring and roller and cage assemblies with separate bearing ring installed separately, or all bearing components can be installed separately.
This simplifies bearing mounting to a considerable extent, maintenance and inspection. The bearing shaft relative to the axial displacement of the bearing can withstand a certain limit. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings with a cylindrical bore, and also some size bearings with a tapered bore supply. With a tapered bore bearings can be adjusted during installation to get a certain radial internal clearance or pre-determined load.
The burning of the rolling mill bearing various factors, normal, typical aluminum foil rolling mill angular contact bearings burning is a worldwide problem, which I personally think lubrication is very important, the mist lubrication slightly better point, bearing clearance is installed.
Backup roll is generally used four small cylindrical roller bearings, the inner ring and roller static with generally good drogue installed, put the inner ring within the outer circle the basis of grinding roll, because it can not bear axial force , axial force generated in the process of rolling bearings to withstand, is generally used in back-to-back double row angular contact ball bearings, the face double row tapered roller bearings, thrust bearings and four-point angular contact ball bearings and other domestic manufacturers Wazhou product is better, foreign manufacturers of iron mother is willing to be better.
Work roll bearings generally used in four-row tapered roller bearings, because of its structure, the inner ring and roller moving with that roll regrinding bearing together with the bearing seat removed, by itself, can withstand a certain degree of axial force , so some small mill axial force is that it is affordable, and some of the larger or high precision mill, generally axial force bearings.


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