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Distinguish the Quality of Bearing

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Distinguish the Quality of Bearing Empty Distinguish the Quality of Bearing

Post  landoo Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:54 pm

Bearing dazzling array of products on the market, the quality of these bearings are uneven levels, accurately identify the quality of the bearing is particularly important from the point of view of the use and production of bearings. Identify the quality of the bearing, will normally be from the following aspects.
Under normal circumstances, the external packaging of the regular manufacturers brand has its own specialized designers design and arrange production conditions to cross the border plant for the production of production, so the packaging of the product, whether from the lines to blocks of color should be very clear cents unambiguous.
Every product bearing will be the bearing body printed on the words of its brand label. Although the font is very small, but regular manufacturers have adopted the stamp printing, and the embossing before the untreated, the font is small, but deep concave, very clear. Usually the case, the font of counterfeit products not only blurred print rough the font is floating on the surface, and some can be easily hand the erase or manually traces serious.
Left hand holding the bearing body sets, right hand a slight coat toggle back and forth to rotate hybrid ring, listen to the bearings during operation. Since most of the counterfeit products behind the production conditions, completely hand-workshop-type operations, bearing the body in the production process will inevitably be braced with impurities such as dust, sand, hybrid ring or does not run smoothly when the bearing is rotating . This point is to determine whether the product by strict production standards, and with the regular operation of the machine manufacturers branded products key.
Surface muddy traces of oil that we need to buy imported bearings should pay special attention. Domestic anti-rust technology with foreign advanced manufacturing, there is a gap, so the bearing body rust treatment is very easy to leave a thick traces of oil, feeling sticky viscous thick hand contact, while the foreign original imported bearings could barely see any traces of rust preventive oil. According to insiders, careful people can smell bearings on a special taste, which is anti-rust oil taste.
The so-called bearing chamfer, that is, the horizontal surface and the vertical surface of the junction, of bearing counterfeit products due to restrictions on production technology, in these parts of the rougher edges of processing unsatisfactory, we can easily identify.


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