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Thrust Roller Bearing

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Thrust Roller Bearing Empty Thrust Roller Bearing

Post  landoo Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:26 am

Used for axial loads of the main shaft, radial joint load, but the radial load should not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, such bearings friction factor is low, high speed, and aligning performance.
29000 type bearing stick non-symmetrical spherical roller can reduce the relative sliding roller and raceway work, and roller long, large diameter roller number, high load capacity, usually oil lubrication The individual low speeds can be used for grease lubrication. Design selection, preference should be given.
80000 thrust cylindrical roller bearings, the 90000 Thrust tapered roller bearings and AXK thrust needle roller bearings, can withstand a one-way axial load, it is much larger than the axial load capacity of thrust ball bearings, and rigidity. small space occupied axially.
Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust tapered roller bearings, thrust tapered roller bearing speed is slightly higher than the thrust cylindrical roller bearings suitable for low speed occasions. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings are separable bearings, can only bear one-way axial load and a slight impact, and to limit the shaft (or shell) axial displacement in one direction, and therefore can be used as a one-way axial positioning. However, its carrying capacity is far greater than the thrust ball bearings. Roller rolling, since both ends of the roller line at different speeds, the roller sliding in the ferrule raceway inevitably, therefore, such bearing speed limit than lower thrust ball bearing, usually only available at low speed operation occasions.
Thrust roller bearings pressed into thrust roller bearings should be flexible rotation block sense. If any signs of rotation is not flexible, indicates that the size of the shaft is too much tolerance to be reduced. Thrust roller bearing pressed into the shaft rotated by hand there is obviously a sense of "imperfections" may be too much tolerance of the shaft or shaft roundness bad. Therefore, the control shaft and thrust roller bearing chamber tolerances should control roundness, many domestic manufacturers tolerance control control, no roundness.
Assembly thrust roller bearings: thrust roller bearings are high precision products, such as improper assembly to easily thrust roller bearing channel caused by injury, resulting in thrust roller bearing damage. Thrust roller bearings in the assembly should have a dedicated mold can not beat, only a small circle force pressed into the shaft, the pressure of the big circle can only large circle force. Require the use of pneumatic or hydraulic assembly, press-fit upper and lower mold to be outside at the level of state, if inclined to cause thrust roller bearing channel damage due to power, leaving the thrust roller bearings produce a guide ring.


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